Isaiah Mustafa in Maccabee’s video

Maccabee is a premium Israeli lager beer, that in the past has suffered from a bad image. Most Israeli beer drinkers have already realized how excellent it is. For those last few disputers, we created a video – an ode to Maccabbe’s new and magnificent recipe: 100% excellent European malt.
In the role of the president of the USA, addressing the free world with a philosophical speech about taste: Isaiah Mustafa, star of the iconic Old Spice commercials.
Mustafa’s visit in Israel for the shooting of the video gathered wide and enthusiastic media coverage.
The video itself achieved more than 1,000,000 views.

In a Google convention held in Tel Aviv, Google Israel clients manager praised the video for its outstanding results: successfully targeting the desired audience, reaching 92% male viewers; and exceeding the average 20-30 seconds break, and reaching an impressive average viewing time of 1 minute and 20 seconds.

To add on that, Maccabee Beer’s “Tasty Tasty” video, was the second most viewed video on YouTube in Israel in 2013!
Conclusion: Maccabee is tasty.