Sodastream’s Alchemy Lounge @ Salone del Mobile

Together with our partner company Papush, We had the honor of arriving with Sodastream to Milan once again, this time for the launch of the innovative MIX machine. Mix is due to hit the market at the end of the year, with a special carbonation feature, that allows it perfectly carbonate almost any liquid, even if it contains fruit or pulp
In order to introduce MIX to the world, we created the Alchemy Lounge – a pop-up mixology bar inspired by the concept of transformation (liquid to carbon, metals to gold).
The bar was designed by Yves Behar as a futuristic spacecraft, and was placed at the dramatic and mirrored Versace Theatre, and offered its visitors an exciting selection of cocktails, crafted by mixologist Ariel Leizgold.
The production included a cooperation with the Campari group and professional sessions with leading bartenders from the Campari Academy, a party for 1,400 guests with Wallpaper magazine, VIP guests-only dinner, design meet-ups orchestrated by Design Boom and more.