About us

Allenby Amsterdam is an international merge of two agencies: Amsterdam based Kwartvoorhalf and Tel-Aviv based Allenby.
After years of work and exploration in our labs, we cracked the secret formula that will make your product iconic.
Marketing is not an external layer. Marketing is life itself!
We believe that brands become meaningful only when they organically answer the needs and aspirations of the communities they interact with.

We don’t believe in marketing that chases customers. We believe in customers who chase after our brands.
We use our connections with various subcultures and influencers in both cities to build strong and out of the box strategies that revolve around communities.
Allenby Amsterdam consists of a team of media, content, digital and design experts, both veteran and young tigers, who mix art and magic in order to get the work done.
Armed with a guerrilla state of mind, we create bold concepts that deliver cross platform content and actions.